Thanksgiving: As a Philosophy

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Chris Woodson, Feature Editor

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Thanksgiving is a very misunderstood holiday, in the sense that people delve too much into the history of the holiday rather than thanksgiving as a philosophy. Thanksgiving is far deeper than a celebration of Europeans finding the Americas and breaking bread with the Natives. Thanksgiving represents one of the foremost important, yet often overlooked, aspects of human nature. Gratitude.

In our postmodern consumer-driven culture, gratitude is overshadowed by the simple fact that there is just too much going on around us to truly realize how blessed we are. Life is something that is taken for granted by so many people; not only can life be taken away at any moment, life is so rare that it is a true miracle that we are even experiencing it. According to Business Insider, the odds of being born are about 1 in 400 trillion, and yet you are here, reading this right now, making you a statistical miracle. Show gratitude for your existence by simply taking the time to consciously appreciate the moment and Be. You don’t need to do anything to show gratitude for life. Literally all you have to do is be, and this is a way to show thanks to the ominously mysterious powers that brought you into existence.

Simply being grateful for your own existence can be a bit self centered, so be grateful for all of existence. Show gratitude for others for merely existing, be grateful for the nature surrounding us that provides us with oxygen and cleans our air so we can breathe. Life has so much to be grateful for, yet billions of people all around the world will look at life and not see the beauty underlying the harsh realities of existence. The temporary harshness of reality is nothing compared to the all pervasive wonder that existence exists, has existed and will continue to exist for an incalculable amount of time. The transient nature of existence is why you should show gratitude for everything you are grateful for, because at a moments notice you could slip into non existence and never have the opportunity again. If you take anything away from this thanksgiving season let it be this: Everything is something to be grateful for, so show gratitude for existence and live a gracious life.~