Give Thanks


Photographer: Julya

Julya and her new pup, Pumpkin-named for the season.

Story by: Julya Socoteanu, Yearbook Editor

It is easy to get caught up in the busy schedule most Americans tackle every day. The hearts of people are crowded with worry for what is to come, and they struggle to find room for gratitude. Tasks must be accomplished, deadlines are waiting, and little time is left for reflection. This is the mindset many people are stuck with. Life seems to rarely give us time to rest and enjoy the small things. This is why dates are set aside to provide a break in the stressful routine of America. One such vital break in the daily mindset is Thanksgiving.

Countless people simply see Thanksgiving as another holiday. They attend the “First Thanksgiving” plays, make sure their house is spotless for visiting relatives, and hope to perfect every recipe. However, November 22 is so much more than that. It is a chance to step out of the self-absorbed mindset that most have adopted and to take on a rare and unique attitude. It is the opportunity to recognize people who are constant and loyal. It is a time to stop and think of all the joys in life.

Even the origins of Thanksgiving reflect a unique mindset. Two groups of people came together to rejoice. They hardly knew each other, and certainly had vast differences in culture and tradition. However, the small victory of completing the harvest brought them together. Although both groups had their struggles, hardships, and sorrows, both let them go and celebrated the moment. They found a connection in the joys of life, rather than focusing on the negative. They did not dwell on the frightening concept of what comes next.

Thanksgiving today is not so different from 397 years ago. The obligation stands to set aside this special time of year to release the stress of the rest of the year. We should all take the opportunity to simply enjoy the people and things that make life so wonderful. After all, what is a better day to give thanks than Thanksgiving?

Julya and her family, just one thing she is grateful for this season