“Serving” Up The Facts

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No matter who you are, all people enjoy being served. This is, after all, why we prefer to eat out, hire plumbers, and people get their nails done. We enjoy being served and having other people do stuff for us. While these services provided are important, the most important services are the ones you perform as a volunteer, rather than an employee. Services such as cleaning up trash, volunteering at a food kitchen, or reading to little kids can be some of the most life changing and important things you do.


Spring Hill has worked to foster an environment of service, as a school as a whole and through many of its organizations. The school holds multiple organizations such as Leaders Core, National Honor Society, and Student Council thats main purpose is to serve and give back to the community. These organizations support many different causes such as Asbury House http://www.asburyhouse.net/ that provides many low income families with affordable preschool, Heroes on the water https://heroesonthewater.org/ that help rehabilitate in need veterans, and Say Hello Week https://www.sandyhookpromise.org/startwithhelloweek that foster a safe school enviornment. While these organizations are extremely valuable to the community other organizations such as band, cheer, and football are perform acts of service as well. The Blue Brigade has taken up cleaning the stands and playing at fundraiser events. The cheerleaders passed out school supplies at the beginning of school. And the football players read to the kids at the Primary School. Spring Hill High School has also began a tradition in the last two years of going out into the longview community and taking a half day to serve the community through various projects.


While these acts may seem like only a small deal to someone on the outside, they can play a critical part in someone’s life and are often appreciated much more than you realize. Volunteerism is crucial to a healthy community and gets citizens directly involved with the issues and problems that their community faces. When government fails, it is the responsibility of the citizens to fulfill the needs of the community. Not only is volunteering good for your community, it can be an eye-opening  experience that often makes you grateful for what you have and provides insight into the life of the less fortunate. This new expose can help you better understand the world. It is also proven to make you happier, more confident, and provides you with a sense of purpose. Not only only is it good for you spiritually but it also advance your career, expose you to new interests, and improve you social skills.


For those of you who are not engaged in volunteer work but want to be there are many opportunities through the school, churches, and just out in the community if you know where to look. Through the school, you can sign up with the previously mentioned organizations at the end of the year.  However, you do not need to be in an organization to serve. There are many avenues to serve in the community. A few in opportunities to serve in Longview include The Highway 80 Rescue Mission http://hiway80rm.org/, Longview Christian Ministries http://www.longviewcommunityministries.org/, Martin Charities https://www.themartinhousecac.org/,  Longview Animal Shelter https://www.longviewtexas.gov/3157/Animal-Care-and-Adoption-Center,  and Newgate Mission   http://www.newgatemission.org/volunteer.html. All these groups, as well as many others, are in constant search of new volunteers, and would love to use whatever service you are able to provide.


Serving your community is one of the most important things that you can do for your community, so I would call you to reach out to either one of these organizations so that you can give back, or find something or someone in your life that you feel needs to be served. While these resources are great there are thousands of other good ways to volunteer so if you know of or find a good volunteer opportunity, I would ask that you share in the google forms below.