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Students Run the School?

2 student run businesses at Spring Hill High School give unique opportunities to students

October 8, 2018

There is a great spirit of entrepreneurship at Spring Hill High School. The Prowl and The Spill are both operated, managed and marketed by students under the leadership of Mrs. Whittington.

Although the idea for The Spill- our coffee shop- was presented to Mrs. Whittington several years ago, and not by students, The Prowl- the student supply store- was the brainchild of a student. Out of necessity and creativity, the school store began and has been student led every since. “Mrs Whitt” keeps the store stocked, but the students take inventory, keep track of sales, and restock the store.

Julie Hicks, Kamryn, and Tayler all give a helping hand.

“The Spill” is a place to relax, grab coffee and a snack, and catch up with friends. The customers can order a variety of options from a Frappe to a Parfait to a “Mama Chong” -which is a coffee named by the student who created it. The students at The Spill are paid hourly by the school for working, but “The Prowl” on the other hand, is a service to the school and students volunteer their time to keep it running.

“The Prowl” and “The Spill” are managed by Mrs. Whittington’s “Business Marketing Finances” class.  Christian Jeter, Ben Coy, And Kyle White, students in the class,  all agree that “The Prowl” is a good opportunity to learn certain concepts and requirements, such as keeping records and keeping stock. But, students also get to learn about customer demand. Some items are very popular, while others are rarely, if ever, bought. This allows students to change inventory, make marketing decisions and choose wisely.


The Spill is in the Spirit.

The class is part of the Business and Industry Endorsement. It has no prerequisites other than a desire to serve and learn.  Classes can be taken any of the four years of high school and can be combined with other B&I courses. This class is a great chance to learn through hands on experience.

See counselors for details on how to join the class and for further requirements on the B&I Endorsement. Don’t forget that the Multidisciplinary Endorsement can use classes from all endorsement areas.


Students Praise Prowl and Spill

The Spill welcomes customers between classes.

The Spill welcomes customers between classes.



The Spill welcomes customers between classes.

The Spill and The Prowl are not only great hang outs, but “Big Business” here at SHHS. The Spill gives students an opportunity to refuel with Caffeine and Carbs. In my research, I found that the businesses have a steady stream of customers between classes.  When asked, students said they enjoyed the “convenience and affordability” of the on site shops. Interestingly, no one commented on the great business and educational opportunity, except Judson Warren. He said, “It is a great opportunity to learn about business management.” Most people I interviewed are very happy with the wide variety of choices and the prices in both stores and will continue to use them faithfully.

The Prowl also has a variety of necessities to help the school day go smoothly. The have pens and pencils-even phone chargers. They also have jackets and hoodies. The staff has recently taken on a new skill-monograming. They hope to be able to customize your Panther gear soon. Most people I know use these businesses and I will too until I graduate.

My observations are that the students that run these stores are very dedicated to these businesses and want them to succeed. Kids who will come to the high school will use these resources for as long as they stay in business.  I would like to see them keep going strong. Support our unique businesses and stop by these stores today. Tell them you read about it in The Panther’s Paw.

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