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Heart of the Panther : Budd Dunn

A Tribute to Those Who Make Spring Hill High School A Place Where "You are loved"

Mr. Dunn was born in Arkansas and has family in Australia. Mr. Dunn has been in the art business for many years and began as a commercial advertising artist. He loves teaching and sharing his love and passion for the arts with students, so he made the switch from the commercial art world to the educational one. This switch not only allows him to express himself through his works, but also grants him the opportunity to open up the creative pursuits of art to his students. He prefers the classroom to the “business” world but would return to the grind rather than not do art at all. “All my life I have had many experiences with art, even in the military. Art is definitely my calling in life.”


“My favorite part of teaching is the students.” – Mr. Dunn. He says that he loves to turn people into educators like him. He loves to see people flourish into the artists that they may not have even known they could be. He told me that “life is short and living each day as if it was your last is the best kind of living.” Mr. Dunn pertains to be a very important part of Spring Hill and certainly represents someone with the heart of a panther.


Cooper Thomas says, “He’s such a chill teacher, but is  also so great at his job we’re really going to miss him when he’s gone.” He relates to the students in a way that no other teacher does. He teaches the value of art in our daily lives and why it is important to express yourself in any art whether it be theater, song, visual arts, or dance. Mr. Dunn is a shining example of how to be an inspiration in our schools.

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