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Heart of the Panther : Laura Borens

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“Anyone can be a photographer but it takes a lot of practice and willingness to learn to be a good photographer.” -Laura Borens  

Many Spring Hill Panthers may not know who this month’s community “Heart of the Panther” is, but you should. Laura Borens is a parent, a volunteer, and an excellent photographer. Every student should know about her amazing work.


Mrs. Borens is a professional photographer who enjoys taking pictures every day for any occasion. When The Panther’s Paw staff discussed who has “The Heart of a Panther” many names were submitted. The feature is to spotlight someone who helps serve our school tirelessly, yet may go unrecognized. Without hesitation, Laura Borens was nominated. She captures most school events with her camera and shares her stories through Facebook and other school-sponsored publication. She makes her work available to the District at no cost. So, I made an appointment to discuss her skills and volunteer spirit.


I had the privilege to see her work while waiting for an interview. I noticed that she has so much passion for her career. She strives to record the essence of each personality in each shot.


She first started loving photography when her daughter, Macy, was in kindergarten. Her daughter’s school had a beach day and she noticed that no one had been taking pictures. She decided to take pictures herself. She wanted to be able to document every moment of her daughter’s education and activities. But, back then she didn’t have an elaborate camera like she does today. She used a less expensive digital model. As she developed this hobby, she realized that not all parents could attend events and that is when she started sharing her photos as a “volunteer” photographer.


This was not new to her. She was always interested in taking pictures.  When she was in high school she enjoyed photographing the National Parks and outdoor scenes. Her favorite picture she snapped was of her dog, Collie, at the Grand Teton Mountains. She just fell in love of how beautiful it looked.


Mrs. Borens recommends that everyone who enjoys photography and wants to be a photographer in the future should start off by watching a lot of YouTube tutorials and go outside to practice taking photos. You must learn about the exposure triangle, have steady hands, and set body and feet correctly- especially when you are carrying a 5lb camera. Not many people have steady hands so she uses a monopod to help her have a clear picture. What surprises me is that she went from having to have the film developed to being a digital camera master, with a Sony a9 that takes 20 frames a second. That is how she gets the great action shots.

The Panther’s Paw Press would personally like to thank Mrs. Borens for always providing us with great photos to supplement our stories.



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