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Anxious Presentations

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Speaking from experience, anxiety is no joke. The fact that teachers force students who have this
disorder, or are obviously shy, to do presentations in front of everyone honestly confuses
me. So, first of all, what do teacher’s usually do for presentations? Do they ever make exceptions
for these shy students? Do they even care? What are the effects of presentations of these
students? And what exactly does “being shy” mean to people?
First of all, the dictionary definition of shy is “being reserved or having or showing nervousness
or timidity in the company of other people.” That said, anxiety is almost completely different.
Anxiety is defined as “a nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness and
apprehension, typically with compulsive behavior or panic attacks.”
With that in mind, according to
students-who-refuse-to-present-due-to-anxiety which has a multitude of personal experiences
from teachers, as well as a few students, most teachers seem to have different “protocols” for shy
and anxiety ridden students. After reading many teacher’s replies, I believe that the topic of what
to do with students who claim to have to not be able to present is really controversial. It seemed
as if to be split between people who think forcing them to get up there will help them get over it,
and people who think creating a time where they can do it in private is the best solution.
In my own opinion, as someone who’s seen as a shy student, I believe that if someone claims to
be unable to present, you should look at how they act in class. If they’re typically a anxious
looking student, I’d schedule another time to do it. However, if they tend to play around and
otherwise act fairly normal or even outgoing during class, I’d say it’s safe to have then attempt to
present. I also believe that in most cases forcing them to do it anyway will only result in
embarrassment or even a breakdown. What’s your opinion? Should students with anxiety or who
are shy do presentations?

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  1. Zamira Avila on September 27th, 2018 12:25 am

    I think that sometimes a person can be outgoing with friends but also have anxiety when it comes to presenting in front of a WHOLE class. Also, it’s high school and we all know that there are people who always make comments when someone else is presenting. That doesn’t help at all, it just makes it worse. Knowing that there are people like that, I don’t like presenting in fear of messing up and getting made fun of. I think that teachers should have another option for people with anxiety about getting up and presenting something.

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Anxious Presentations