Fashion Doesn’t define, it Expresses


Photographer: Ms. Cambell

Panthers model current fashion trends


Fashion doesn’t define who we are, but it does let us define ourselves to the world. What am I
going to wear today? What would this shirt look good with? What shoes should I wear with this
outfit? These are questions that go through people’s heads every day. At Spring Hill High
School, I interviewed one of my best friends, Kaycee Campbell. Kaycee has a great sense of
style, which is shown daily.
Q&A With Kaycee:

Anna: Why is fashion important to you?
Kaycee: Fashion is important to me because it makes yourself
feel better and look better.
Anna: What is the most popular fashion trends at Spring Hill
High School?
Kaycee: The most popular trends are aesthetic and old fashioned.
Anna: How important is fashion at Spring Hill High School?
Kaycee: I don’t think fashion is as important at school because
not many people care.
Anna: Would you ever want to go anywhere with fashion?
Kaycee: Maybe.
Anna: Does fashion interest you?
Kaycee: Yes, because I like seeing different styles.
Anna: How does fashion play a role in society?
Kaycee: It shows people’s personalities.
Anna: How can people express themselves through fashion?

Kaycee: Depending on the way they feel or how much they care.
At Spring Hill High School, fashion does not play a huge role. We recognize that beauty and
style come from within. But, it never hurts to look good! Looking good makes a person feel good
about themselves. They have more confidence and esteem. Some kids focus on it more than
others. Not because they are vain, but rather because they want to be trendy and stylish. Do you
want to be “in-style”? Well, here is what’s hot on “The Hill”:
● trends are hoop earrings
● skinny ripped jeans
● Vans
● Graphic t-shirts.
I hope that fashion can evolve throughout the school, and be something that kids look forward to
every day when going to school.