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The Fall Classic (MLB Playoffs)

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The Major League Baseball Playoffs, also known as “The Fall Classic,” is a fun time for baseball fans around America. This is where people see if their team is the best, but Rangers fans have not had a lot of luck with that. There are some big teams that are favored to win, but you never know who will win in a series. The NLDS(National League Division Series)and ALDS(American League Division Series)are a five-game series. The NLCS(National League Championship Series) and ALCS(American League Championship Series) and the World Series are all seven-game series.

First, are the NLDS and ALDS, not as many people watch these, but they are still very popular. With these two combined there are a total of eight teams in the playoffs, but every time a team wins the other slowly creeps toward elimination. In the NLDS and ALDS you have to win three games out of the five-game series and then you will move forward. It may not seem like much but the players go as hard as they can every game so that they will succeed. What makes it so hard to make past the first round is that the other team wants to win just as much as the first.

Next, are NLCS and ALCS, these have more fans that are really dedicated to their team and care about the outcome. In these, it halves down to four teams, which shows which fans really care about their team. Some fans will pay the money to get into these playoff games which cost a big amount of money. In Longview, we are not very close to any major baseball teams, which are over in Dallas and Houston, so if you go to the playoffs you are probably a die-hard fan.

Finally, is the World Series. This is the main event, two teams left fighting to see who is the best team in the league. These two teams are probably the powerhouses of the regular season, but there are the times when it is a team nobody would have expected to make it. This doesn’t happen very much because of how many games you have to play before you make it to the World Series. We don’t exactly know who is in the playoffs but we can see a few teams who have already made it.

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The Fall Classic (MLB Playoffs)