Types of Dance


Story by: Kourtlyn Williams, staff writer

Julya Socoteanu
Pictured: 2018-2019 Pacesetters perform at halftime at the first home game.

Dance has been an art form since the beginning of recorded history. Ancient Greeks mimed to the harp and pipe. Native Americans danced as a tribe for praise and worship. Today, it is no different. We dance for many reasons. Some dance when they are sad, others when they are happy. But, as a 2018-19 Pacesetter, I can tell you we dance to engage the fans and to express ourselves.   Out organization masters 5 different styles of dancing, and they are all pretty amazing.

    Lyrical:This is a type of dance that combines jazz and ballet. But, it’s a little faster than ballet and slower than jazz. I like this dance style but it’s not my personal favorite, However, the Pacesetter Captain, Andrea Hicks  deems it her favorite. If she has a say so in this year’s competition dance choice, she would choose it over all the others.   Contemporary:Contemporary Dance is a dance that shows emotion. It looks very different from ballet. It it connects jazz,lyrical,and modern for an eclectic, yet beautiful, flow. .I personally find this style of dance difficult. Showing emotions is not easy.   Jazz: This style is mainly used in theater and street dance. This is a great genre for ballet dances looking for a change, It requires the same grace and flexibility.    Hip-Hop: This  dance has a style that combines a little bit if everything, .It is the most popular dance in the world according to _https://www.sportpartner.co.uk.   Pom:This dance is actually my least favorite type of dance because it requires a lot of technique.You have to be really sharp for this style.There is not that much grace or flexibility in this dance because you mostly use your arms.  Kick:I love this style of dance because it is really energetic.You have to be really sharp in this style also but mostly with your legs.You have to make sure your leg is straight when you are kicking and your toe is pointed. Many high schools use this style for competition because a team can show off style and skill. People add new moves and combinations together daily, making this an evolving dance form. When I asked Andrea Hicks about this trend, she stated she is not a fan. She thinks it is not her strongest form.

 All of these dances have a unique style, That’s what makes them amazing.Being a part of the Pacesetters Dance Team allows one to explore all of the styles and learn and grow in them all. My experience on team has made me appreciate all dance forms. If you are interested in learning more about dance and working as a team, consider trying out for the squad this December. There will be more details as the time nears.