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Gift Giving Season
December 20, 2018

Nowadays students don’t read or pay attention to the made up worlds inside books. Most high school students don’t think that reading is important or even helpful, but it actually helps broaden the scope of your knowledge and helps your critical thinking skills. In 2017, statistics show that up to 17% of Americans read at least 15 books that year and 41% read more than 15 books, according to Reading books boosts your analytical thinking and you can expand your vocabulary just by reading daily! It may also be therapeutic and can help with stress and anxiety in your life. Not every book is the same, each one has something unique about it. There are many different genres to pick from. The three most popular genres as of 2018 are: Romance, Crime/Mystery and Religious/Inspirational. As told by Mrs Becky Jones, there are many types of genres available in the High School library such as: dystopia, fantasy, horror, sports, realistic fiction and many more. Reading helps with your vocabulary and improves your grades too . Even though reading helps with grades, that doesn’t mean to not pay attention during class. When you have time just crack open a book, and maybe you will realize how captivating it actually is to get lost in a made up universe.