Is Band a sport?

Addison McQuitty

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There has been a debate on if band should be a P.E.Credit. Some schools believe it is, but some disagree. So is band really a sport? We all know, at football games, when it comes to half time the Spring Hill Blue Brigade band steps onto the field. They perform for us and play for the Pacesetters, and Twirlers and Flags. As people in the stands sit and watch the magnificent drill that they have learned, the band is playing and has to make sure they are in step with one and other.

Some may say marching band practice doesn’t take any endurance. But, students at Spring Hill High School would disagree. The intense practices of marching band, can have you hot and tired by the end of the day. I asked the Drum major at Spring Hill High School, Mackenzie Mars what she thought.  “Marching Band definitely takes lots of endurance,” she said, “you can march with an instrument from 4-40 pounds depending on what you play.” The band marches for around 2 hours Monday-Friday. The practice consists of marching, fundamentals, stretches, a workout, and a “40 yard yell-and-run,” where you sprint and yell while holding your instrument. Mackenzie Mars says “Our rehearsals are family intense in my opinion. These practices will even have our cross country runners out of breath!”

The bands practice isn’t just for performing at halftime, they go and march at competitions as well. Last year, the Blue Brigade received a 4a 1st Division rating at UIL Marching Contest for the 17th year in a row. This is what they practice for starting in July when they teach the freshman how to march, then soon after that the whole band comes and practices. As you can see, they work very hard.

As I am a freshman this year, I can already tell you that I can see why it is counted as a P.E. credit. The hard work we have to do, is already giving people more muscle. In some research, marching band practice is as long as sport practices. In marching, you have to march at a certain tempo, keep in a straight line, and blow into your instrument, all while wearing heavily fitted clothing that makes it even more hotter than what it is. Every year, the Blue brigade spends a week during the summer all for practice, and some people lose weight faster than what they would at playing some sports. Marching band can even earn you a varsity letter, which is normally what athletes get. I would say it is for sure a sport, as to all of the research I’ve spent looking it up.