Amy Blalock Jazzes Up Journalism

Marc Bailey

Jacob Donahue, staff writer

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Mrs. Blalock has a story to tell. No, a way to teach students to tell stories. Maybe that is because she has had an eventful life with everything from dating a Houston Rocket and going to school with Matthew McConaughey. Most of her stories come from being a professional actress and from having 5 children.

    Don’t know Mrs. Blalock? That’s because she’s new to Spring Hill. She’s the new Journalism, Newspaper and Yearbook teacher this year. She came here after retiring after 14 years as the principal of St. Mary’s Catholic School in Longview. Her brother and her cousins had all graduated from Spring Hill so she knew we had an excellent school here and it would be a good match for her personality.

   Mrs. Blalock loves to learn! She says, “I often say when I’m the smartest person in the room, I need to change rooms.” Not because she thinks she is smart, but rather to say that if your “crowd” isn’t helping you grow and learn, then perhaps it is time to change the crowd. Her goal at SHHS is to teach the people how to better intermingle technology, the arts, journalism, and English into our school community. She loves technology and English so she is a shining example of an exemplary Journalism teacher and adviser. Journalism student Marayvia Davis said, “Mrs. Blalock is a cool teacher, and good adviser, too. She makes Journalism fun.” She loves Shakespeare and British literature and hopes to make a wonderful Panther’s Paw and Panther Yearbook for years to come.