Health Services students are on the job

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Health Services are just one of the many career oriented endorsements offered at SHHS. Students in this course learn valuable life skills, such as: nutrition, heart health and body systems.  Mrs. Borden’s class began the year by learning the tools of the trade: stethoscope and blood pressure cuff. They practiced taking  heart rates and reading the blood pressure monitors on one another in class during August. Now, they are taking on patients. These students each have been assigned to a teacher, that has volunteered to have their pulse and blood pressure monitored weekly. September marks the start of the project. Thursday, September 13th, Lauren Harris, began monitoring Mrs. Blalock. With the deadline for this edition of The Panther’s Paw fast approaching- the results were alarming to Harris. “That is high,”she stated. Thank you to Mrs. Borden and her class for keeping Panthers health and creating an educated workforce for tomorrow.