New Opportunities in Digital Design


Spring Hill High School has a brand new, cutting-edge class on the schedule for 2018-19!  Some of you may have heard of it, but all of you have seen it in action! How? If you have been to a football game or an event at the stadium then you have seen the work of the new Digital Media/ Video Graphic Design class. It is a great new class to take for those interested in learning the latest technology. Who doesn’t want to be a YouTube Star? Take this class and you can produce awesome videos-Tana Morgue would be jelly!

Digital Media is a class that focuses on filming, green screens, short films, photography, running the scoreboard, digital editing, and social media.  In this class, students are required to do at least some type of practice with media outside of school. Experience is not necessary to join the class. Student’s knowledge varies from no experience to rock star producer. From what I observed in my research, this innovative class seems interesting. Check it out, drop by Room B201 and welcome the new teacher, Mrs. Washington, to our school.  Mrs. Washington graduated from Baylor University in the fall of 2016 and is a communications specialist major.  She also is degreed in journalism-public relations.  

I visited with Mrs. Washington on August 28, 2018, and was impressed with her knowledge and a friendly smile.  “It is not a field that ever remains stagnant: it’s always changing and always evolving’” Mrs. Washington told me when asked why she chose this field of study. She shared that she was pre-med in her early college years and then realized she didn’t like math or science. Maybe we have a lot in common! So, wisely,  she had to choose a major that highlighted her personality and would showcase her talents. She was a substitute teacher at Henderson High School for six months and then got hired at Carthage High School. She taught A/V Productions there.  “I’m still fairly new as a teacher, but so far my teaching experience has been awesome! I find myself at an advantage as a new, younger teacher because I can relate to the students better than the others. It’s easier to build trust and a relationship with the students that 25+ year veteran teachers don’t. When the students trust you, it’s easier to teach and guide and mentor them into the young adults you know they have the potential to become.”  

This class offers lots of great opportunities!.So, if you want to work the scoreboard, film sports games, create animation, and/or run social media, this class is a must. Also, it counts toward your endorsement. So, see Mrs. Washington today for more information or email at [email protected].