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How to Upload Photos for Publications

Want recognition? Would you like to see more of your events, organizations and activities in the school publications? Then, help The Panther and The Panther’s Paw (our school yearbook and newspaper) by sharing pictures and upcoming event information with us in our Community Upload Folder. This folder is hosted by Lifetouch, our school photography vender. They promised it would be easy for students and families to share through this community drive. But, I have to tell you that in my personal experience with the website on August 27, that wasn’t the case. It was anything but easy. To upload pictures, you have to do a multistep process. It includes creating a log in and then responding to an email to activate your account. Easy enough, right? Wrong! I waited, and waited…and waited. No email was ever sent. I tried five times! Finally, the advisor, Mrs. Blalock, and I called the company. We found out that they had an issue with their programing. They promised it would be fixed by Thursday, August 30. And, as of today, it is fixed! Got the email and was able to upload pictures with no problem. So, even though my experience wasn’t that great, I did learn a couple of valuable things. When there is a problem, tell someone and find a solution. Also, I learned that technology is great and helpful, BUT only if it works! And now, Panthers, it does! So, we need your pictures!  

Go to https://COMMUNITY.LIFETOUCH.COM and enter the code NYSRLD. Create your account and let the uploads begin! The process only has to be done the first time you upload pictures. After that, simply log in.

Again, If you know of a specific event that needs to be covered in The Panther’s Paw or The Panther, please email Mrs.Amy Blalock at [email protected], and if this website doesn’t work for you- don’t give up!  Send your photos to [email protected]., Logan McKelvey, Photo Editor, and copy to Mrs. Blalock, Advisor.