Parking Lot Etiquette


“Crunch”- not the sound you want to hear in the Spring Hill parking lot- especially if you are in your mother’s car. Did you know that the parking spot was first invented by Carl Magee who designed the first working parking meter back in 1935 in Oklahoma City? And the biggest parking lot in the United States is the parking garage at Disneyland (Anaheim, California). (  

It counts 10,000 parking spaces. Now, Spring Hill is not nearly as big as Disney, but we can have big problems if not careful. If you exercise proper parking lot etiquette, you can avoid this situation. Did you know that on average, 200 students on campus drive to school on a daily basis?  We teach all these students History, English, and Math; we never teach parking lot safety. So, lesson One begins today. Some ways to be safe in any parking lot:

  • Be Observant- know your surroundings
  • Watch out for other drivers- you are not the only car in the lot
  • If you have an accident- no matter is it is big or small- report it!
  • Ways to report:
  • Contact Officer Askew
  • Go to Mr. Robinett’s Office
  • At the very least, leave a note with your contact information
  • Anything less is fleeing the scene of a crime and is illegal

In addition,  a few things Panthers need to know about our parking lot specifically:

  • Minimize traffic flow through the Junior High parking lot by exiting onto George Richey Road.
  • Don’t fight other people for a specific spot- No parking spaces are assigned. It is first come, first serve.
  • You must have a parking permit, available from the Athletic Office, or you may be towed at your own expense
  • You can’t leave campus or go to your car during school hours without permission.


So remember,  being respectful in any parking lot is very important. Let’s limit road rage by avoiding common mistakes.