New News for Journalist


Have you been wanting to become a better writer? Do you like to know the latest gossip? Do you have finesse in talking to strangers? How about photography? Is that your passion? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I have the class for you. The Communications Department at SHHS is changing and growing. The Panther’s Paw and The Panther are undergoing significant changes that include digital formats and guest writers. This is partly due to the change in leadership. Mrs. Amy Blalock took over the department in late July and pledges to revamp the program to “be innovative”. She promises that the department will be “the premier communication center for the district by 2020 and a model for other East Texas school of how to innovatively combine skill and creativity to produce digitally literate and academically prepared journalist for the 21st Century.”

I found there are many benefits of journalism. To begin, Blalock told students on day one that

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“As a journalism student you are a part of a community of scholars.” ”

— Amy Blalock

Which means there is an expectation for excellence.  The journalist is forward thinking, which allows creative thought and imaginative adaptation to make deeper connections to the world around us. This class also helps to increase your grammar, punctuation, and comprehension skills- this helps in all areas of the school. But, most importantly, in this class, you help to build the community. You get to share the stories of SHHS with the rest of the city- the whole world now that we have an internet-based paper. My perspective is that this class brings all students together by sharing information to all- not just a few. Transparency, factual validity, and clear communication is key to journalistic success and the mission of our new department. If you are interested in joining, you do not have to take the class to compete in UIL events or write as a feature writer. See Mrs. Blalock, Room B202 for more information.